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Craft Beer: A Family Affair.

Honolulu BeerWorks | Off The Beaten PathAfter a little too long with the kids, my brother, father, father-in-law and I wanted a fellas day to ourselves. We decided to make the hour-long drive from Laie to Honolulu and check out a couple breweries.

Sure we could have went to Kona or Maui Breweries, but we wanted something off the beaten path. We decided to hit Honolulu BeerWorks. Parking was on the street, but pop in a few quarters (which you can get from the bar inside), and off we went to indulge in some fermented libations.


Honolulu BeerWorks
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The brewery sits not too far from Kakaʻako Waterfront Park. Just a tad off the main drag as you head in to the Ala Moana area.

One if the first things I noticed was the how the entire block of buildings the brewery is housed in are made of tin or some type of metal (I can thank my brother for my architectural critiques). The cold look of the metal stands out like the dew on your beer bottle against the backdrop of the beach and surrounding high-rises, refreshing.

Honolulu BeerWorks craftbeertix.com

We arrived just after 11:30 am (on a Wednesday) and the place already had beer connoisseurs sipping away. The open-air dining area was nice, but we still had our pick of tables and elected to sit outside. It is Hawaii after all!

Under an umbrella, we sat at a wooden picnic table. (I believe the picnic table to be the best table for drinking beer. No frills. Non-delicate. And it forces you to sit up with elbows on the table, grasping your glass, getting you ready for the next sip, while your stomach has room to stretch between your thighs as you consume more beer). Service was friendly, prompt and attentive. Hungry, we ordered sandwiches and a pizza–other food is available after 4pm. Seeing the food come out was a real surprise. The portions were huge! Definitely reserve a couple hours to kill the sandwich and drink more beer.


The beer selection, from what I’m used to, was lacking in quantity, but the quality was certainly there. At the same time, they offered a good mix of styles that each had unique flavors I haven’t had before. Such a beer was El Guapo. Brewed with honey, limes and cilantro (not coriander!). The first sip of it had me say, “hmm…that’s good.” With hints of lemongrass and a crisp finish it was my favorite beer of the day.

Upon enjoying your craft brew you will notice, at least if you sit outside,  beautiful artwork on the walls as well as some unique plants and flowers (one of which looks like it has a tongue sticking out trying to Zamboni any spilled beer).

Honolulu BeerWorks review

Honolulu BeerWorks craftbeertix.com

We stayed there for about an hour and a half and moved on the next brewery right down the street, Waikiki Brewing Company.

Tasters and pints are available. I always recommend to go with the tasters first, then decide which pint you want to get or keep the tasters coming. Just drink responsibly.

Honolulu BeerWorks

328 Cooke St, Honolulu, HI 96813