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Waikiki Brewing Company – Honolulu, HI

waikiki brewing company - honolulu hawaii

Waikiki Brewing Company – Honolulu, HI

Just a half mile walk from Honolulu BeerWorks, lies another craft brew treasure, Waikiki Brewing Company (one of two locations in Honolulu).

The walk is not just easy on the legs, but on the eyes as well. Tons of murals showcase artists’ talent along the way–an art district of sorts. honolulu arts district Taking in the art prepares you for a cultural experience when you get to Waikiki Beer Company.

Open air, clean, with a chill vibe, Waikiki’s beer doesn’t disappoint. Nestled in the middle of what seems a quasi-industrial block, Waikiki shines like a beacon of refreshment against a backdrop of much-needed-renewal.

Oasis In Hawaii?!

In this oasis, you get a chance to to see the operation in action. That always makes for a nice treat. Plus the slight aroma of wort helps to enhance the overall experience. waikiki brewing company patio

This brewery, you can tell, is a kick it spot for many. WIth a food trailer tucked to the side and a fairly extensive menu, I can envision chilling here for while in order to gear up for an afternoon at the beach (which is just a few blocks away).

Reminiscent of my home brew, although way better than anything I could conjure up–some of the beer at Waikiki Brewing is rather “yeasty.” You can probably chalk it up to the malt as well, but I appreciate that bready complexity only a brewery can churn out. It reminds me how fresh the beer is as some of the flavors may not have had a “full” conditioning period before it hits my lips.

Proper Chill Mode

Sitting inside, because it was cooler, we grabbed a four-top table. The bar would have been a good choice too if I was with less people. The bar was centered in the room with seats wrapped all around it. The bar’s location was inviting and could provide a good view of the entire room with plenty of TVs to boot.

At our table, service was friendly and speedy with glasses not even empty for a second before another round was ordered and displayed on our table for our delight. A plethora of styles can be found and suited to your tastes. Out of the tasters I had, Skinny Jeans was my favorite. A nice punch in the mouth of hops followed by a tinge of sweet akin to most West Coast IPAs.

For a little more alcohol to finish my day, I went with the Eee Pah IPA 7.65% ABV. Surprisingly smooth, the Eee Pah was harder to pronounce than drink. More malty than other IPAs I’ve had, it was unique, refreshing and a great beer to end my day with.

I highly recommend Waikiki Brewing Company for a relaxing afternoon before hitting beach and taking in the sunset. Not too far from Ala Moana Beach Park, grab some cans before you go.

waikiki brewing company brew room

Visit Waikiki Brewing Company

Waikiki Brewing Company, Kakaako, 831 Queen St, Honolulu, HI 96813