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What The Hell Is A Brut IPA?

brut ipa

You’ve seen it in the grocery store, sitting proud on the shelf, next to the other myriad Sierra Nevadas. Rather than try something new, though, you reach for something more familiar…perhaps a Firestone twelver or your favorite local craft beer. The beer you have yet to try is that damn Brut IPA.

Say what?

A Brut I-P-A!

To be nontechnical, a Brut IPA is a beer brewed with the enzyme “amyloglucosidase” (say that five-times fast). The enzyme is known to break down complex sugars that may not otherwise ferment. The end result is a less sweet beer that can have big booze like imperial stouts.

There is a nice article by John Holl speaking with the credited creator of this style, Kim Sturdavant of Social Kitchen & Brewery in San Francisco.

Granted I have yet to try anything in the Bay Area that carries a brut IPA moniker–I live in Las Vegas–but what I have tried from Sierra Nevada and New Belgium in the grocery stores in Vegas has been disappointing. Before you put a nasty comment below, I know I need to try the real deal before I judge this style. These are just my first thoughts–so take it easy…have a beer!

For starters, the hype just wasn’t worth it for me. I’ve seen it a few times on the shelf and didn’t want to “splurge” on a new style when all I wanted was a tasty beer to hold me down for the weekend. It took me a couple weeks of seeing it before buying and trying it. (Marketers’ note: maybe distributors should price new beers lower so I can be more inticed to try them).

When I finally got home, cracked open the bottle, poured it in my glass and took a whiff, then a swig, memories of St. Pauli Girl came crashing to my mind. “Champagne-like” my ass. I could have gotten the real St. Pauli for a whole lot less and been just as happy.

So much for that experiment for a while. I’ll have to wait until the style matures a little bit before trying that heap of hops again. So long Brut IPA! Until you actually get good…

“My name is Broot!”